Wires for construction prestressing (PC WIRE)

  • 1 października 2019


Wires Y1670C and Y1570C for prestressing structures are steel wires with a circular cross-section and a smooth or profiled surface produced by cold drawing of hot-rolled high-carbon wire. The wires are straightened using a roller wire straightening unit and cut automatically to a precise length in the range from 1500mm to 2700mm using a single knife cutting unit.

Reference documents:

Krajowa Ocena Techniczna IBDiM-KOT-2019/0372 wydanie 1.
FprEN 10138-1:2009 + FprEN 10138-2:2009
prEN 10138-1:2006 + prEN 10138-2:2006
SS 212551:2013 + SS 212552:2013

Wires Y1670C and Y1570C are intended for prestressing construction structures and for use in traffic engineering in the field of road engineering facilities, railway engineering facilities, or urban metro construction structures. Construction prestressing wires are delivered in packages / bundles. Weight of a single package / bundle of wires: max. 2.5 tons. (exact weight to be agreed with the client).