Wires for construction prestressing (PC WIRE)

  • 1 października 2019


Prestressing steel wires (PC Wire) in grades Y1670C and Y1570C for prestressing structures are steel wires with a circular cross-section and a smooth or profiled surface, produced by cold drawing hot-rolled high-carbon wire rod. Prestressing steel wires (PC Wire) are supplied in coils wound clockwise or counterclockwise, external diameter max. 2500 mm and weighing up to 2.500 Mg
in straight sections cut to precise lengths ranging from 1500 mm to 2700 mm and packed in bundles weighing up to 2.500 Mg.


Reference documents:

Polish National Technical Assessment No. IBDiM-KOT-2019/0372 edition 1.

FprEN 10138-2:2009  „Prerstressing steels — Part 2: Wire”

Prestressing steel wires (PC Wire) are intended for prestressing building structures and for use in communication engineering in the field of road engineering structures, railway engineering structures, or urban railway “metro” structures.