SBN Runowo Sp. z o.o.

SBN RUNOWO Sp. z o.o. is the first producer in the north of Poland to offer a wide range of steel to construction companies and concrete prefabrication companies:

      • For concrete reinforcement (e.g. ribbed wire, welded steel mesh, spatial elements for reinforcement),

      • For prestressed concrete (including wires for prestressing structures, prestressing steel strands).

We have modern production equipment, appropriate technology and qualified staff.


Dear All,

We would like to inform you that SBN RUNOWO is implementing a project titled “Innovative technology for the production of spring wires with improved mechanical properties” under Measure 2.32 – Technology Loan of the European Funds for a Modern Economy program 2021-2027 for Priority FENG.02 – Environment conducive to innovation (Application for co financing FENG.02.32-IP.03 0187/23). The aim of the project is to launch the production of spring wires with improved mechanical properties, manufactured in an innovative, ecological technological process, contributing to increasing the innovation and competitiveness of SBN RUNOWO.

Project cost: 12 000 000,00 PLN
Co-financing: 6 000 000,00 PLN